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The Relaunch of PepperFace™

The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV) is again partnering with PepperFace™ to generate public responsiveness to violence against women and financial support for NCDSV. PepperFace™ took a year off of marketing to reestablish their brand by developing a new product design and website, relaunched in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

PepperFace™ is reinventing personal safety. Although pepper spray is a proven, dependable self-defense tool, the majority of women don't carry one; they're too big and bulky, inconvenient to carry, and not the most attractive accessory to show off. PepperFace™ offers a lightweight, compact, and stylish pepper spray that allows you now to "Stay SAFE in STYLE." Currently, PepperFace™ offers standard sprays in 9 vibrant colors. With the help of their crystalizing partner, Crystal Ninja, PepperFace™ is extending even further on this fashion statement their customers want to make while carrying pepper sprays. PepperFace™ also offers 14 different pre-designed crystalized sprays that are decorated with actual Swarovski Crystals.

PepperFace™ uses their platform, and their partnership with NCDSV, to become both an awareness symbol for ending violence against women and also to provide effective prevention against assault. During the month of October, PepperFace™ is running a Domestic Violence Awareness Month campaign. During the "DVAM Campaign," PepperFace™ will be donating 10% of all October sales to the NCDSV. In addition, starting in November 2017, 15% of all sales that come through the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence website or e-news links will be donated back to the NCDSV.

For more information on PepperFace™, please visit www.pepperface.com, or contact Deborah D. Tucker, President NCDSV Board of Directors, at dtucker@ncdsv.org.




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