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50 for the Future, Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence – since 2000, at least 50 Wisconsinites have been killed in domestic violence homicides when the perpetrator was legally prohibited from possessing the firearm. Would background checks have prevented all of the tragedies? No. But undoubtedly, background checks would have made a difference in some of the cases. We hope that these 50 stories will spark change for a more peaceful future ~ 50 for the Future, Madison, WI.


Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – we are devoted to creating an America free from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at work, and in our communities. The Brady Campaign works to pass and enforce sensible federal and state gun laws, regulations, and public policies through grassroots activism, electing public officials who support common sense gun laws, and increasing public awareness of gun violence. Through our Million Mom March and Brady Chapters, we work locally to educate, remember victims, and pass sensible gun laws, believing that children have the right to grow up in environments free from the threat of gun violence. The Brady Center works to reform the gun industry by enacting and enforcing sensible regulations to reduce gun violence, including regulations governing the gun industry. In addition, we represent victims of gun violence in the courts. We educate the public about gun violence through litigation, grassroots mobilization, and outreach to affected communities, Washington, DC.


Everytown for Gun Safety – everytown is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. Gun violence touches every town in America. For too long, change has been thwarted by the Washington gun lobby and by leaders who refuse to take common-sense steps that will save lives. But something is changing. More than 1.5 million mayors, moms, cops, teachers, survivors, gun owners and everyday Americans have come together to make their own communities safer. Together, we are fighting for the changes that we know will save lives. Everytown starts with you, and it starts in your town.


Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence – on Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2011, 24 national faith groups announced the formation of "Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence," a diverse coalition of denominations and faith-based organizations united by the call of our faiths to confront America's gun violence epidemic and to rally support for policies that reduce death and injury from gunfire. We have grown to more than 50 groups representing tens of millions of Americans in faith communities across the nation ~ and our call to confront this epidemic has grown ever more urgent and imperative. Read Blog.


The Gun Show – a collection of posters for sale to promote gun safety. Artists from around the country have contributed posters to join the national conversation about guns, and to support efforts to reduce gun violence. The Gun Show is a project of the Creative Action Network, a marketplace for connecting causes with the artists who care about them.


International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) Women's Network – the IANSA Women's Network is the only international network focused on the connections between gender, women's rights, small arms and armed violence. It was formed in 2001 as a women's caucus at IANSA events and now links members in countries ranging from Fiji to Senegal, Argentina to South Africa, Canada to Sudan, London, UK.


Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence the only national law center focused on providing comprehensive legal expertise in support of gun violence prevention and the promotion of smart gun laws that save lives. As a non-profit organization founded by attorneys, we remain dedicated to preventing the lass of lives caused by gun violence by providing trusted, in-depth legal expertise and information on America's gun laws, San Francisco, CA.


Mayors Against Illegal Guns – we are committed to working with our fellow mayors to share best practices, develop innovative policies, and support legislation at the national, state, and local levels that will help law enforcement target illegal guns. Each mayor in this coalition has signed a state of principles committing us to this fight. While we will each have different strategies for pursing those principles, we all agree on the goal: protecting the rights of Americans to own guns, while fighting to keep criminals from possessing guns illegally. See the Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence campaign.


Million Hoodies Movement for Justice – The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice is a national non-profit with over 50,000 members working to protect and empower young people of color from racial profiling and senseless gun violence through creativity and innovation. Our work recognizes that the conditions that caused the death of Trayvon Martin and many others like him are deeply embedded in institutional injustice and structural violence. While accountability in individual cases is important, we realize that we must attack the core inequalities in our society if we are to put a stop to the senseless deaths and systemic violence inflicted on people of color every day. Our core programs and activities include: institutional discrimination, gun reform, direction action & advocacy for victims & families, electoral & legal rights and education & empowerment.


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – was created to demand action from legislators, state and federal; companies; and educational institutions to establish common-sense gun reforms. We are a non-partisan grassroots movement of American mothers demanding new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws, loopholes and policies that for too long have jeopardized the safety of our children and families.


National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit, Battered Women's Justice Project – to fulfill our mission the NCPRFFC provides assistance through consultation, written materials and training on: implementation and enforcement of the full faith and credit provision, enhancing enforcement of fed earl and state prohibitions related to domestic violence, federal domestic violence and stalking crimes, and promoting enforcement of custody provisions within protection orders, Arlington, VA.


Now is the Time to Do Something about Gun Violence, The White House, Washington, DC.

Now is the Time: The President's Plan to Protect Our Children and Our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence, January 16, 2013

What is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System? (infographic), April 3, 2013


Texas Gun Sense a grassroots educational charity which works to promote an objective, fact-based dialogue on firearms in the State of Texas. We believe there is a constitutional right to bear arms; and that along with all rights comes responsibilities. TGS was founded in early 2013, fueled in part by the terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT, and supports not gun control but gun sense ~ a term invented right here in Texas by our organization, Austin, TX.


Violence Policy Center a national non-profit organization working to fight firearms violence through research, education, and advocacy. As a gun control think tank, the VPC analyzes a wide range of current firearm issues and provides information to policymakers, journalists, public health professionals, grassroots activists, and members of the general public, Washington, DC.

Concealed Carry Killers – this Violence Policy Center website details the current tally of killings committed by concealed handgun permit holders identified through news accounts from May 2007 to the present broken out by specific categories. Recognizing that the VPC is relying primarily on news reports, the actual numbers are most likely far higher. This tally is updated monthly. Clicking on each category's tally will link you to vignettes describing the circumstances for each killing, listed by state. The descriptions also include the current, known status of any charges filed against the permit holder as well as noting instances where the perpetrator committed suicide, Washington, DC.

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