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Alliance for Immigrant Survivors– a national network of advocates and allies dedicated to defending and advocating for policies that ensure immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and other gender-based abuses have access to life-saving protections that all survivors of violence deserve.


Americans for Immigrant Justice – a not-for-profit legal assistance organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the basic human rights of immigrants of all nationalities, Miami, FL.


ASISTA (Advanced Special Immigrant Survivors Technical Assistance) – an exciting project that provides technical assistance on complex questions arising in immigration cases for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. This assistance is offered exclusively to grantees of the Office on Violence Against Women, including recipients of state STOP grants.  The consultants are available to answer your inquiries and troubleshoot problems in certain individual immigration cases with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Des Moines, IA.

Brochure, October 2012

Newsletter, Fall 2006


Ayuda – envisions  a community where all immigrants overcome obstacles in order to succeed and thrive in the United States. We realize our vision by advocating for low-income immigrants through direct legal, social and language services, training and outreach in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

Ayuda Welcomes Paula Fitzgerald as its Next Executive Director, July 20, 2016.


Center for Gender & Refugee Studies – protects the fundamental human rights of refugee women, children, LGBT individuals, and others who flee persecution in their home countries through legal expertise and training, impact litigation, policy development, research, and in-country fact-finding, San Francisco, CA.


Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law – a non-profit, public interest legal foundation dedicated to furthering and protecting the civil, constitutional, and human rights of immigrants, refugees, children, and the poor, Los Angeles, CA.


Empire Justice Center – combines the forces and expertise of the Greater Upstate Law Project and the Public Interest Law Office of Rochester. One January 1, 2004, they merged internally to form a new, dynamic, statewide organization that combines our expertise in new ways, creates powerful synergies, and allows the new, blended organization to offer a full range of legal services in a great number of issue areas. These areas of expertise include core anti-poverty and civil rights issues: domestic violence, housing, predatory lending, consumer rights, disability law, public health programs, SSI / SSD, special education, public benefits, AIDS / HIV, and immigrant rights, Albany, NY.


Human Rights Initiative – promotes international human rights through local service to refugees and immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses, Dallas, TX.


Immigrant Connection Project, Vera Institute of Justice and New America – helps connect immigrant families and ensure due process.


Immigrant Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center – works to ensure that the rights of immigrant workers are protected in the Southeastern states, Montgomery, AL.


Immigrant Legal Resource Center – works with immigrants and citizens to make critical legal assistance and social services accessible to all, regardless of income, and to build a society that values diversity and respects the dignity and rights of all people, San Francisco, CA.


Immigrant Resource Library, National Latin@ Network, St. Paul, MN.


Immigrant Women Too – a national movement to uplift the stories of refugee women and defend the human rights of women and girls who turn to the United States for safety and justice. We are amplifying the voices of survivors. We are mobilizing voters to demand that the United States continue to offer refuge to survivors of domestic violence and others fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. We are empowering attorneys and other advocates to vigorously defend asylum seeking women and secure victories in immigration courts around the country.


Immigration Advocates Network – a collaborative effort of leading national immigration advocacy organizations designed to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants. IAN promotes more effective and efficient communication among immigration organizations by providing free, easily accessible and comprehensive online resources in a password-protected website for non-profits and public interest advocates.


Immigration Direct – we believe that the process of preparing U.S. immigration applications should be easy to understand, simple to complete, and accessible to every qualified person. The purpose of our site is to meet all of those goals. See Immigration Options for Undocumented Youth "Dreamers".


ImmigrationLawHelp.org – a searchable online directory of over 940 free or low-cost nonprofit immigration legal services providers in all 50 states. Only nonprofits that are BIA recognized or have attorneys on staff are included in the directory. Users can search ImmigrationLawHelp.org by state, county, or detention facility. Users can also refine their search by types and areas of legal assistance provided, populations served, languages spoken, other areas of legal assistance, and non-legal services provided. ImmigrationLawHelp.org was developed by the Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net with support from the Four Freedoms Fund.


Individual Development Accounts, Office of Refugee Resettlement of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services available to refugees and other special immigrant populations, including certified trafficking victims. The objectives of the IDA Program are to increase the ability of low-income refugees to save; promote their participation in the financial institutions of this country; assist refugees in advancing their education; increase home ownership; and assist refugees in gaining access to capital, Washington, DC.


Informed Immigrant (English / Español) – in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, millions of documented and undocumented immigrants face increased uncertainty around their status in the United States. Immigrant rights organizations and leaders across the country have banded together and pooled resources to help immigrants and their allies obtain the current best-known information and guidance.


International Organization for Migration (English, Français and Español) – is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. As the leading international organization for migration, IOM acts with its partners in the international community to: assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management; advance understanding of migration issues; encourage social and economic development through migration; and uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants, Geneva, SZ.


Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center serves the most vulnerable in our immigrant community: refugees who are escaping persecution and seek political asylum, battered women who are poor and unable to access opportunities for safe shelter and seek help and justice, and unaccompanied children, who are traveling alone to escape abuse and neglect and seek reunification with their family members. We provide high quality pro-bono legal representation for these indigent refugees and immigrants, collaborate with government and private agencies that work with immigrants, nurture self-reliance and self-esteem amongst our clients and coordinate aggressive public education, El Paso, TX.


National Immigrant Family Violence Institute – is dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in immigrant communities. We provide individualized technical assistance and training, as well as specialized resource materials on the unique issues faced by immigrant communities in combating domestic violence. NIFVI works to enhance current intervention and prevention strategies to address the unique issues faced by immigrants experiencing domestic violence. We serve a variety of organizations, including: domestic violence agencies, immigrant serving agencies, law enforcement and legal practitioners by providing: individualized technical assistance, training seminars, culturally appropriate tools and other resource materials and research on promising and effective practices, St. Louis, MO.


National Immigrant Justice Center – dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. With offices in Chicago, Indiana, and Washington, DC, NIJC provides direct legal services to and advocates for these populations through policy reform, impact litigation, and public education. Since its founding three decades ago, NIJC has been unique in blending individual client advocacy with broad-based systemic change. Click here to see a timeline of our history. Thanks to the support of hundreds of pro bono attorneys from the nation's leading law firms, NIJC has made critical advances in the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. NIJC provides legal services to more than 10,000 individuals each year and maintains a success rate of 90 percent in obtaining asylum for those fleeing persecution in their home countries. NIJC and its pro bono attorneys have been on the vanguard of federal impact litigation and advocacy, setting positive precedents for those seeking human rights protections within our borders.


National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project, American University Washington College of Law – was formed to educate, train, offer technical assistance and public policy advocacy, and conduct research that will assist a wide range of professionals working at the Federal, State, and local levels who work with and/or whose work affects immigrant women and children. Our work is designed to promote the development, implementation, and use of laws, policies, and practices that benefit immigrant women and children, Washington, DC.

Free Technical Assistance and Resources for Professionals Serving Immigrant and Refugee Women and Children, June 2016


National Immigration Forum – established in 1982, The Forum is the nation’s premier immigrant rights organization. The Forum is dedicated to embracing and upholding America’s tradition as a nation of immigrants. The Forum advocates and builds public support for public policies that welcome immigrants and refugees and are fair to and supportive of newcomers to our country, Washington, DC.


National Immigration Law Centera national support center whose mission is to protect and promote the rights and opportunities of low income immigrants and their family members. NILC staff specialize in immigration law, and the employment and public benefits rights of immigrants.  The Center conducts policy analysis and impact litigation and provides publications, technical advice, and trainings to a broad constituency of legal aid agencies, community groups, and pro bono attorneys, Los Angeles, CA.


National Immigration Project – working to defend the rights of all newcomers to the United States. We believe that, in protecting the rights of the most vulnerable, we strengthen the civil and human rights of all U.S. residents regardless of legal status, Boston, MA.


National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – a national organization composed of local coalitions and immigrant, refugee, community, religious, civil rights and labor organizations and activists. It serves as a forum to share information and analysis, to educate communities and the general public, and to develop and coordinate plans of action on important immigrant and refugee issues, Oakland, CA.


Pennsylvania Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network – referring, advocating, networking and empowering refugee and immigrant women in Pennsylvania to live to their fullest potential, Enola, PA.


Tahirih Justice Center – the mission is to enable women and girls who face gender-based violence to access justice. The Center engages in direct litigation, public policy advocacy, and education and outreach to ensure systemic change that protects women and girls from violence, Falls Church, VA.

2016 Impact Report


Tapestri – Immigrant and Refugee Coalition Challenging Gender Based Oppression – dedicated to ending violence in immigrant and refugee communities, using culturally competent and appropriate methods.  As advocates for refugee and immigrant families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, we are committed to using direct services, education, community organizing and advocacy to effect change in the lives of those families, Avondale Estates, GA.


We Belong Together ~ Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform (English / Español) – an initiative of  National Domestic Workers Alliance and  National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, with the participation of women’s organizations, immigrant rights groups, children, and families across the country. We Belong Together is a campaign to mobilize women in support of common-sense immigration reform that will keep families together and empower women. Immigration reform is rarely thought of as a women’s issue, but in fact it is central to the fight for women’s equality. Millions of immigrant women who are part of the fabric of our communities, workplaces, and schools are blocked from achieving their full potential because of a broken immigration system. As women, we especially know the importance of sticking together. We wouldn’t be where we are without the help and support of the women in our lives—our mothers, sisters, teachers, daughters and friends. As Americans, we honor and celebrate our nation’s unique commitment to protecting families and giving equal opportunities and respect to women and girls. This commitment must be reflected in our immigration laws as well. Review Immigration Reform is Central to Women's Equality: A Fact Sheet.


Women's Justice Center (English / Español site with section for immigrant women) – provides advocacy, free of charge, for victims of rape, domestic violence, and child abuse, particularly in the Latina and other under served communities of Sonoma County; provides advocacy training and community education; coordinates the Task Force on Women in Policing with the goal of increasing the number of women and minorities in our law enforcement agencies; and is committed to equal justice for all women and girls, Santa Rosa, CA.


WomensLaw.org (English / Español) – the mission is to provide easy-to-understand legal information and resources to women living with or escaping domestic violence. By reaching out through the Internet, we empower women and girls to lead independent and productive lives, free from abuse, New York, NY.

Asylum Status / Asilo

Immigration / Immigración

VAWA Laws for Abuse Victims / Leyes de VAWA para Víctimas del Abuso


Women's Refugee Commission – advocates vigorously for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced women, children and young people, including those seeking asylum – bringing about lasting, measurable change, New York, NY.


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See three-part, online webinar series, "Helping Those Released from Family Detention: Asylum Options for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence."

Immigo is a new mobile app designed to provide the most up-to-date information about changing immigration laws and policies. The Immigration Advocates Network and UnidosUS, in partnership with Pro Bono Net and Verizon, launched this cutting-edge, comprehensive resource for anyone who works with immigrant communities. Download it free for Apple smart phones and tablets.


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