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American Correctional Association – where criminal justice never sleeps, Quincy, MA.

Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons – a national effort to clarify the nature and extent of violence, sexual abuse, degradation, and other serious safety failures and abuses in prisons and jails throughout the United States, as well as the consequences for prisoners, corrections officers, and the public at large. Vera Institute of Justice established the Commission in 2005, New York, NY and Washington, DC.

End Silence: The Project on Addressing Prison Rape, Washington College of Law, American University – is committed to eliminating sexual abuse for individuals in custodial settings. The Project on Addressing Prison Rape is a leader in addressing the implications and implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) and its standards. Since 2000, the Project has provided training, technical assistance and legal guidance for correctional agencies, advocates and survivors who want to effectively prevent, respond and eliminate sexual abuse in custodial settings. Overall, the Project has four goals: 1) training; 2) technical assistance; 3) legal expertise regarding sexual abuse in custodial settings; and 4) providing guidance on issues correctional agencies and advocates face in addressing PREA and responding to sexual abuse in custodial settings, Washington, DC.


Just Detention International (formerly Stop Prisoner Rape) – has three core goals for its work: 1) to ensure government accountability for prisoner rape, 2) to transform ill-informed public attitudes about sexual violence in detention, and 3) to promote access to resources for those who have survived this form of abuse, Los Angeles, CA.


National PREA Resource Center – established through a cooperative agreement between Bureau of Justice Assistance and National Council on Crime and Delinquency, National PREA Resource Center (PRC) serves as the national source for online and direct support, training, technical assistance, and research to assist adult and juvenile corrections, detention, and law enforcement professionals in their work to eliminate sexual assault in confinement.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016-2017, December 2017

Annual Report 2014-2015, October 2015

Annual Report 2013-2014, August 2014

Annual Report 2012-2013, July 2013

Fact Sheet, 2014

NCCD Announces the Launch of the National PREA Resource Center Website, May 17, 2012

PREA Essentials


PREA Online Audit System (OAS) – an online tool designed for Department of Justice-certified PREA auditors and confinement facilities staff to complete audits on compliance with the National PREA Standards.


Prison Activist Resource Center – a prison abolitionist group committed to exposing and challenging all forms of institutionalized racism, sexism, able-ism, heterosexism, and classism, specifically within the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). PARC believes in building strategies and tactics that build safety in our communities without reliance on the police or the PIC. We produce a directory that is free to prisoners upon request, and seek to work in solidarity with prisoners, ex-prisoners, their friends and families. We also work with teachers and activists on many prison issues. This work includes building action networks and materials that expose the continuing neglect and outright torture of more than 2 million people imprisoned within the USA; as well as the 5+ million who are under some form of surveillance and control by the so-called justice system, Oakland, CA. See PARC Prisoner Support Directory.


Prison Public Memory Project – uses history, dialogue, the arts and technology to build public memory and safe spaces where people from all walks of life can come together to engage in conversation and learning about the complex and contested role of prisons in communities and society.


Safety+Justice Challenge – an initiative to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails. The initiative ~ an initial five-year, $75 million investment by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ~ features a competition to help jurisdictions across the country create fairer, more effective local justice systems. Read Blog.


TGI Justice – a group of transgender, gender variant and intersex people ~ inside and outside of prisons, jails and detention centers ~ creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom. We work in collaboration with others to forge a culture of resistance and resilience to strengthen us for the fight against human rights abuses, imprisonment, police violence, racism, poverty, and societal pressures. We seek to create a world rooted in self-determination, freedom of expression, and gender justice, San Francisco, CA.


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