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Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project – our mission is to promote an awareness and understanding of Compassion Fatigue and its effect on caregivers. CFAP is committed to gathering, documenting and disseminating useful information that can be readily introduced into care giving environments in order to impact the lives of caregivers in a positive way. Our vision is a universal belief and understanding that Compassion Fatigue in caregivers can be alleviated through educational workshops where caregivers are taught the guidelines and benefits of practicing healthy, authentic self care.


National Center for Trauma-Informed Care, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – assists publicly-funded agencies, programs, and services in making the important cultural shift to a more trauma-informed environment that benefits both systems and consumers — an environment that is more supportive, comprehensively integrated, and empowering for trauma survivors, Washington, DC.


National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health – an overarching goal is to ensure that all survivors of domestic violence and their children who are experiencing abuse-related trauma and / or living with mental illness can access the services that they may need to enhance their safety and well-being, Chicago, IL. Read brochure.


The Sanctuary Model – represents a theory-based trauma-informed, evidence-supported, whole culture approach that has a clear and structured methodology for creating or changing an organizational culture.


Sidran Institute – because many people underestimate the developmental, emotional, psychological and spiritual injuries that can result when people experience or witness traumatic events, Sidran Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of international scope that helps people understand, recover from and treat: traumatic stress (including PTSD); dissociative disorders; and co-occurring issues, such as addictions, self-injury and suicidality. We develop and deliver: educational programming; resources for treatment, support and self-help; trauma-informed community and professional collaboration projects; and publications about trauma and recovery, Brooklandville, MD.

Trauma First Aide™ Associates – an organization of social workers, trauma therapists, nurses and mind / body practitioners experienced in working with trauma survivors and teaching Trauma First Aide. We are dedicated to reducing the effects of trauma through trauma education to diverse populations including health care providers, business and community leaders and the public. Our focus is on trauma education, early intervention, and the prevention of secondary traumatization by building resilience in the nervous system.




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