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United States v. Castleman

CASE: U.S. V. CASTLEMAN, Violence Against Women Monthly Digest, National Crime Victim Law Institute, Portland, OR: April 30, 2014. Copyright © 2014 National Crime Victim Law Institute.

DISARMING THE BATTERER: UNITED STATES V. CASTLEMAN, Teresa M. Garvey, Strategies in Brief (issue 23), AEquitas, Washington, DC: September 2014. Copyright © 2014 AEquitas.

MAN CONVICTED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CAN'T POSSESS A GUN, SUPREME COURT RULES, Nicole Flatow, Think Progress, March 26, 2014. Copyright © 2005-2014 Center for American Progress Action Fund.

MOMENTOUS SUPREME COURT RULING WILL SAVE LIVES, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Denver, CO: March 26, 2014.

SUPREME COURT DECISION IN U.S. V. CASTLEMAN WILL SAVE WOMEN'S LIVES, posted by Lynn Rosenthal, The White House Blog, The White House, Washington, DC: March 28, 2014.

SUPREME COURT DECISION LIMITS BATTERERS' ACCESS TO GUNS, OVW Blog, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC: April 11, 2014.

SUPREME COURT KEEPS GUNS AWAY FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ABUSERS, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Washington, DC: March 26, 2014.

SWEEPING RULING ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Adam Liptak, The New York Times, Washington, DC: March 26, 2014. Copyright © 2014 The New York Times Company.

U.S. V. CASTLEMAN (No. 12-1371), Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC: March 26, 2014. Issue: possession of firearms by anyone convicted of a "misdemeanor crime of domestic violence."






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